Group Packages

Exercise package:

Mobilisation – small, gentle movements that loosen joints and improve flexibility.
Stretching – helps to improve muscle elasticity, increases the range of movement at the joint and reduces stiffness.
Band work – targets specific joints which are needed to carry out daily activities. Improves flexibility and reduces stiffness. These activities are ideal for all ages and abilities.
Exercise with weights – for the more confident individual, increase activity workload using small hand weights.

Exercise & theory package:

The body and mind go together, our exercise & theory package incorporates a 30 minute exercise session followed by a 30 minute mental stimulation session using:
Interactive games (missing word & identification work sheets)
Multiple choice quiz’s.

All of our activities are based around health and well being and are linked to the exercises that have been completed.

Relaxation and Meditation package: HRM relaxation and meditation:

This package is a very gentle, fast and effective way to help you regain the control in your life. It works by helping you into a relaxed altered state of awareness not too dissimilar to a pleasant daydream. This package can help with the following:

Self confidence, pain control, improving memory, concentration and anxiety.

Social Packages: Razzle Dazzle Productions:

Razzle Dazzle specialise in the nostalgic sounds of yesteryear with their vibrant array of all singing, all dancing spectacular production shows!

Listen to the harmonic, velvet sounds of the dazzling duo and prepare to take a magical trip down memory lane, recapturing the bygone years with authenically designed vintage costume and smooth close harmony.

Razzle Dazzle Productions cater for all events and add a little sparkle to any occation, specialising in vintage entertainment within the care home industry.

Singing package: Poppy Ackers:

Relive the songs from yesteryear with a variety of well loved songs from our outstanding vocalist. The 60 minute set covers a number of songs from the 30’s right through to the 60’s. A fantastic show is waiting for you.

Participation packages:

We can also arrange visits to local sporting venues and events including:
Rugby matches, cricket matches, local sporting events, bowling greens and golf clubs.

We can customise any of our packages to suit the needs of you or your residents.

Other activities:

We focus on posture and breathing techniques which are vital during exercise. We also develop co-ordination by using small rubber balls and help develop finger and thumb strength by doing dexterity work. Residents are also able to focus on wrist strength by using wrist callipers.

Discussion points:

We believe it is important to stimulate the mind as well as the body and our sessions strive to achieve this. We believe it is vital to understand the principles of exercise and fitness and we relate these to the work the residents are doing, throughout the session we will be discussing the following areas which link the practical aspects to the theory concepts;

Skeletal and muscular system – bones, joints, muscles and how each work to perform the exercises.

Cardiovascular and respiratory system – function and structure of the heart and lungs, respiratory volumes and heart rate values.

Principles of training – FITT and SMARTER principles.

Diet and nutrition – benefits and process of digestion.