Feedback and Photos

Below are a selection of comments from our current partner care homes and residents. Have a look at the pictures of our sessions and the WINNERS of our “Active Resident of the Month” award.

Feedback – February 2014:

“The instructor explains and shows why we need to improve our physical needs for a better quality of life”

“There is a feel good factor within the group”

“The exercises are enjoyable and strictly within the capabilities of us 80 year olds”

“A very good understanding of the needs of each member, we are encouraged to work to our potential”

“We work every part of the body, I look forward to more sessions”

“The arm and leg exercises I find beneficial”

“The sessions provides us with confidence, which makes us want to continue”

“I have improved my flexibility and I am able to walk up the stairs with more confidence”

“I look forward to your session each week”

“We are impressed with the work Age Active are doing with our residents”

Our first pieces of feedback from the residents at Dutton Court in Cheadle Hulme.


Dutton Court residents working on their upper body flexibility:

20140114_144030 20140114_144105

Dutton Court residents working on their hip flexibility:


Dutton Court residents developing upper body strength:


Current and previous “Active Resident of the Month” winners:

20131128_15280920131223_145805-1 (1)20140129_15475520140226_160714BridgetJane

Sunrise of Bramhall residents working hard during their weekly session:




More comments and photos to follow soon.

New feedback – June 2014:

“Physical activity is key to wellbeing, trained professionals are essential to delivering a high quality service. Our seniors look forward to the sessions and are always eager to attend. They have reported the benefits of keeping active and have increased their levels of fitness and mobility. The staff also recognise and embrace the need for this professional service.”

Sara Hadfield – Duty Manager at Sunrise of Bramhall.

“Age Active come into our home every Tuesday. They spend tine on both floors (General Nursing) and (Dementia Nursing). A lot of our residents attend these classes and absolutely enjoy it, the class has also grown since Age Active first came to Cherry Tree House. Andy is fantastic with the residents and interacts so well with them that they are definitely benefitting from the class. We are so happy that Age Active are on board at Cherry Tree House.”

Marie Kelly – Manager at Cherry Tree House in Romiley

New feedback – July 2014:

Enjoyable classes for all homeowners. Informative and knowledgeable in relation to older people and their increasing needs to improve their health and wellbeing. The homeowners look forward to each session, Age Active are always prompt, reliable and well presented. The classes are clear and well taught for all abilities and the feedback from homeowners is always positive.

Dawn Speed – Manager at Dutton Court in Cheadle Hulme.

Our residents look forward to and thoroughly enjoy the sessions. They are well organised and structured and suitable for a variety of ages and abilities. The professional staff ptovide great motivation and encouragement. One to one support is always offered. We always have great feedback from residents and their families and staff members. The sessions definitely help with improving the residents well-being.

Geraldine Clarkson – Activities Manager at Marple Dale care home in Marple.

The Age Active sessions have proven to be extremely beneficial to the health and well-being of our residents. Everyone including the residents, families and staff always look forward to the sessions and really enjoy participating. It provides a very good social activity as the residents will often look to each other for guidance and support throughout the session. The exercises provided are suitable for each individual, ensuring their health and safety at all times. The expertise is highly recognised by all residents, families and staff who always appreciate the input and always give positive feedback.

Rebecca Barber – Activities Manager at Plane Tree Court care home in Edgely.

New pictures – August 2014:

Our two most recent “Active Resident of the Month” winners.

Mike from Peel Moat care home and Mary from Sunrise in Bramhall.


New pictures – September 2014:

Peel Moat residents enjoying their weekly workout!





September’s “Active Resident of the Month” winner. Congratulations to Doreen from Cherry Tree House for her brilliant efforts with her exercises. She is seen here below with her award.


New pictures – November 2014:

Mo from Newlands care home with her “Active Resident of the Month” award. (Below)


A full house of Sunrise residents getting to grips with a variety of exercises. We have 12 residents taking part each Thursday.


photo (1)


New Feedback – December 2014:

What Andy doesn’t know about exercise isn’t worth knowing! He’s very good at motivating the residents and when necessary will do exercises to suit their individual needs. The residents definitely benefit from age active exercises.

Karen – Activities Coordinator at Cherry Tree House care home.

Our residents at Carmel benefit tremendously when Andrew from age active calls into do his keep fit classes. The amount of interaction our residents receive is credit to Andrew, whose exercise and communication skills are both professional and stimulating. Andrew manages to get a large group of residents together; this is fun for them and encourages movement and co-ordination skills.

Diane Cooper – Home Manager at Carmel Lodge care home.

Andy is always so kind he has always got time to chat to you.

Sheila – Resident at Hope Green care home.

I look forward to age active I enjoy the exercise and feel better afterwards.  

Marjorie – Resident at Hope Green care home.

The residents at Hope Green look forward to Age Active. Giving them the opportunity to exercise in such an enjoyable way does help with motivation and a positive attitude. It is so evident that Andy cares very much about what he does. He has got to know the residents and always remembers their names. Andy is well liked by our residents.

Jackie – Activities Co-coordinator at Hope Green care home.

All my residents on the Reminiscence neighbourhood have a diagnosis of Dementia and this makes it quite difficult to engage them in activities as they are quite reluctant to sit down for a period of time.  With Andy’s Age Active Sessions residents will sit and join in for a lengthy period of time. Andy motivates them from the minute he arrives and knows all the residents by name and their individual needs. The residents also recognise him and he always catches their attention during a session. He carries out a range of different exercises and routines that are easy for the residents to follow. Due to the popularity of these sessions with our residents I increased his sessions to twice weekly for the resident’s well-being.

Alison Stirling – Reminiscence Co-Coordinator at Sunrise of Bramhall.

2014-12-12 09.03.46

Roy Cotton – Sunrise Resident and previous winner of our “Active Resident of the Month” award. Roy has been actively involved in our sessions for over a year now and is making huge progress with his walking.

New picture – January 2015:

December’s “Active Resident of the Month” Winner, Max Maxwell from Dutton Court in Cheadle Hulme.


New feedback – January 2015:

Ken feedback

Read a summary of the letter on our blog. Many thanks for the feedback Ken, we are glad you enjoy the sessions.

New picture – February 2015:

January’s “Active Resident of the Month” winner, very well done to Audrey from Hatton Grange care home in Hyde.


New picture – March 2015:

Our latest winner of the Age Active “Active Resident of the Month” award.

Margaret from Dutton Court in Cheadle Hulme.


New pictures – April 2015:

Our latest winner of our “Active Resident of the Month” award. Well done to Mary from Sunrise of Bramhall.


Carmel Lodge residents enjoying their monthly session. A number of residents have moved onto a heavier weight due to an improvement in their strength exercises. Well done everyone!!

IMG_4452 IMG_9128 charity event held at Stockport County FC. Age Active were well represented and occupied table 15. We will be attending the next event in October.

20150320_202719 20150320_202745

New pictures – May 2015:

Cherry Tree House residents enjoying their weekly session working On a variety of strength exercises. Well done to all of those who have participated over the past number of weeks.




“Active Resident of the Month” award. Well done and many congratulations to Harold or “Mr B” from Cherry Tree House in Romiley who is April’s winner after a very productive month. He has made huge progress with his left shoulder and is now able to lift the weight much higher than when he first started. Well done and keep up the good work.


New pictures – June 2015:

“Active Resident of the Month” winner for May. Many congratulations to Sally from Appleton Manor.


Hatton Grange residents enjoying their fortnightly session. This group has increased in size from 5 to 10 in the space of 2 weeks. Well done everyone, keep up the good work.





New pictures – July 2015:

“Active Resident of the Month” award.

Many congratulations to Vera from Brinnington Hall who is the recipient of this month’s. Since starting our sessions way back in 2014, Vera has attended and performed to the best of her ability in every session. She is currently lifting 1kg having started on the 0.5kg weight. Well done Vera, keep up the good work.

photo 2

Brinnington Hall Residents getting to grips with their fortnightly exercise session. The group has expanded greatly since we started our sessions in 2014, we currently have 14 residents participating in our classes.




New picture and our “Active Resident of the Month” award – September 2015:

Many congratulations to May from Brabyns House who is the winner of our famous “Active Resident of the Month” award for August. She is seen here with our new trophy and from September each winner will receive there very own winners medal. Well done May, you have done fantastically well since you started our sessions, even with a fractured wrist.


New feedback – October 2015:

Age Active have been coming to Peel Moat for nearly a year now, I was initially unsure of how our residents would react and whether it would be a service that they would enjoy and benefit from. Due to the uncertainty, I booked them in for a fortnightly class and we have never looked back, and it wasn’t long until we wanted weekly sessions. All of our residents love the classes which are designed to suit all of their differing abilities and they now look forward to each week to their enjoyable workout.

Dan Moult – Registered Manager – Peel Moat care home in Heaton Moor:

New picture – October 2015:


Many congratulations to Alan from Cherry Tree House who is the winner of our famous “Active Resident of the Month” award for September. Have a look at our blog page to see why Alan has won the award.

New picture – November 2015:

Congratulations to Gloria from Berrycroft Manor who has won the “Active Resident of the Month” award for October.


New pictures – December 2015:

Many congratulations to Bob from Hope Green Care Home in Poynton who is November’s “Active Resident of the Month ” winner. Well done Bob keep up the good work.


Age Active Ltd attended the Autumn Ball last month, below are a selection of photos from the event which raised just under £5000.




New pictures – January 2016:

“Active Resident of the Month winner”

Many congratulations to Mary from Parklands in Poynton who is December’s winner, She has never missed a session since we started delivering our classes 12 months ago.

Mary parklands

New pictures – February 2016:

Well done May you are our “Active Resident of the Month” winner for the month of January. like last months winner May has participated in all 12 sessions since we started last year. Keep up the good work May!!

May Bruce lodge

New feedback – February 2016:

I would just like to thank you for the Age Active sessions that you deliver to our residents. Our residents really enjoy and look forward to the sessions that you deliver.

Thank you

Katie and the reminiscence team.

Katie Smythe Reminiscence Coordinator
Sunrise Senior Living of Bramhall

New Pictures – March 2016:

Many congratulations to Joan & Joan from The Old Rectory in Warrington who won our “Active Resident of the Month” award for February and to Burt from Cherry Tree House in Romiley who is March’s winner.

All 3 residents have excelled during our classes, Both Joan’s have participated in every session since we started 6 months ago and both work hard, especially during the quick exercises we do each week.

Burt always tries his best and is a great character to have during the session, especially when he laughs.

Burt is a regular and enthusiastic group member who always works to the best of his ability.

Many congratulations to all of you, keep up the good work!!!!

ANDY 002

ANDY 001


New feedback – April 2016:

“I had both hips replaced a number of years ago and as a result of a fall in 2014 I had my left knee fully replaced. After the surgery I was told by the surgeon that I would find it extremely difficult to walk again. I have now been doing my exercises with Andy for the past 12 months and the results have been fantastic. I am now able to walk with my crutches around the park and supermarket”


Jean Winson – Reddish Vale.

New pictures – April 2016:

Brabyns House residents getting stuck in to their fortnightly session, well done everyone keep up the good work!



New picture – May 2016:

Many congratulations to Olive from Clumber House care home in Poynton who has won our “Active Resident of the Month” award for April. Have a look at our BLOG page for more details.


New picture – June 2016:

Our latest winner of our famous “Active Resident of the Month” award for May. Many congratulations to Maureen from Brabyns House in Marple.


New picture – July 2016:

Many congratulations to Grace from Sunrise of Bramhall who is the winner of our “Active Resident of the Month” award for June. She has made huge progress in her exercises, especially the band work which she is now able to complete independently. Well done Grace, keep up the good work.

DSC_0001_8 (1)

New Feedback – September 2016:

I have found that over the last 6 to 9 months I have been able to complete a round of golf without any difficulty when previously I was finding it increasingly difficult over the last 3/4 holes. Nothing has changed in my every day life to account for this sudden improvement other than to put it down to the regular weekly exercises “kicking in” and improving my fitness.  My various playing partners also have commented how easily I have managed to complete a round of golf  when previously they were a bit concerned towards the end of the round. They used to fuss over me to help over the last 3/4 holes which I thought was very admirable of them that they were concerned. Even friends who have long since stopped playing 18 holes of golf and not as old as me (87) comment how fresh I look after a round of competitive/friendly golf. Some time ago during tea after our excursions on  the golf course we were trying to see who was the oldest member in the golf club still playing competitive golf and we concluded it was me!.

Max Maxwell – Dutton Court resident.

New Feedback – November 2016:

Andy from Age Active attends our care home every Tuesday from 10.30am until 12.00pm. He does two group sessions on our top and bottom floor and individual exercises with our residents who have various stages of dementia. He always gets the residents involved due to his enthusiastic and motivational manner, a number of residents will only join in during Andy’s session due to his excellent relationship with them. Andy is a valued member of our home and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Louise – Unit Manager – Cherry Tree House care home.

New Picture – January 2017:

Congratulations to Sheila Singleton from Sunrise in Bramhall, who after 5 months and a huge amount of effort and commitment was able to stand and support herself using only her frame. Well done Sheila you have done incredibly well.

New feedback – March 2017:

We were delighted to receive this piece of written feedback from Mike who participates in our sessions at Peel Moat care home in Stockport. Mike is a previous winner of our “Active Resident of the Month” award and has been joining in since 2015. We have highlighted a particular question and answer underneath the picture. Thank you mike.

Question = “What do you think of the exercise classes?

Answer = “I really enjoy it, its important to keep fit and he really encourages me and praises everyone.

New Pictures – March 2017:

Many congratulations to Nell from the Old Rectory care home in Warrington who is our “Active Resident of the Month” winner for the month of March. Since starting our sessions in 2015, Nell has participated in all of them. She is an extremely determined resident who has excellent technique when using the 1kg weight to do her exercises. Many congratulations, keep up the hard work!

St Patricks Day Celebrations: Thanks to Sharon at Morrisons superstore in Cheadle for donating a number of items to our partner care homes, they really enjoyed their St Patrick’s day celebrations.

New Pictures – April 2017:

“April’s Active Resident of the Month”: Congratulations to our joint winners, Mike and Julia from Parklands care home in Poynton who have both won our famous award. Both are deserved winners due to their effort and commitment and have always joined in, never missing a session in 2 years. Well done to the both of you, keep up the good work.

New Pictures June 2017:

“Active Resident of the Month” award, for the month of May goes to???????? ANNIE from Brinnington Hall care home in Stockport, many congratulations. Annie is a star, extremely witty and funny. She has never missed a session in 3 years and is a pleasure to work with. Well done Annie, keep up the good work.

New Picture July 2017:

Many congratulations to Susan from Sunrise of Bramhall who is this month’s winner. Susan is a regular and enthusiastic member of the group who always participates to the very best of her ability. In fact, she is so enthusiastic I class her as my assistant during the session. A great character with a good sense of humour, she is a star during my class. Well done “Trouble” keep up the good work.

New pictures October 2017:

Christmas posters are ready for the pantomime season, delivered by the brilliant Razzle Dazzle girls.

“Active Resident of the Month Award” – September 2017:

Many congratulations to Rose from Lisburne Court who is the winner of our famous “Active Resident of the Month Award. We have been delivering our sessions at the home since September 2016 and Rose has never missed a session, always joining in with great determination and effort. She is a great character and always tries her very best. Well done, keep up the good work!!!

Our September winner, well done Rose!!

“Active Resident of the Month Award” – October 2017:

Many congratulations to Maureen from Berrycroft Manor who is the winner of our famous “Active Resident of the Month” Award. She has participated in every session since July, showing excellent technique during the weights and resistance band exercises. Maureen always gives 100% effort and is making very good progress with her overall fitness levels. Well done, keep up the good work!

New Pictures January 2018:

Congratulations to Norleen from Dutton Court and George from Appleton Manor who are the latest winners of our “Active Resident of the Month” award. Both have excelled during the past two months overcoming a number of personal challenges along the way. They never give in and always give 100% effort, well done to you both.

“Active Resident of the Month” Winners – November & December 2017.

New Picture February 2018:

Congratulations to Mary from the Old Rectory Care home in Warrington who has celebrated her 100th Birthday. Mary is an active member of our group exercise class and always tries her very best during the session. She is currently using a 0.5kg weight to focus on her shoulder and arm strength. Mary you are amazing, keep up the excellent work.

New Feedback April 2018:

A big thank you to Michael, who’s Aunty is a resident at Sunrise in Bramhall for sending this letter to me, your comments are appreciated and we are glad you enjoy the class.

The final paragraph states: “Andy is patient, considerate and encouraging and it is evident that he takes pleasure from seeing members of his class joining in the exercises and enjoying themselves. Andy has a good sense of humour, there is always a happy atmosphere in the room”

New Feedback May 2018:

We were delighted to receive this email from a carer at Brabyns House in Marple Bridge.

The final paragraph states: “It is hard to find an empty chair in the room and Andy involves all the ladies and gentlemen in the exercises throughout the session.
Very well recommended !!

New pictures May 2018:

Bourke Gardens residents during a group exercise class. Bill, Geoff, Joe and Jane completing 2 exercises a seated row exercise using a 15lb resistance band and a shoulder elevation exercise with a variety of weights. Well done to everyone who participates, you are all doing fantastically well.

New Feedback June 2018:

Thank you to Julie for the feedback we received, your comments are very much appreciated.

The email reads: “My name is Julie my mum is in sunrise of Bramhall care home, on many occasion I have been lucky enough to not only witness the fantastic work Andrew does to help keep as many residents as possible as fit as possible, but to join in and do the class and found out for myself how the muscle strengthening exercises really work for even the weakest of residents, above all else they are fun and keep the residents focused for the whole time Andrew your a star⭐️”

“Active Resident of the Month Award” – July 2018:

Marie is an absolute star, she always tries her very best, has a great personality and sense of humour and always answers questions when asked. She is a joy to work with and is a deserved winner this month. Well done Marie, keep up the good work.

New picture August 2018:

Ella Phillips started on our shoulder rehabilitation programme 6 weeks ago, at this point due to a rotator cuff injury she was unable to move her right shoulder in any direction. After 6 weeks of hard work she is now able to lift a 1kg weight to an 80 degree angle. Well done Ella, the hard work is definitely paying off.

“Active Resident’s of the Month Award” – August 2018:

Many congratulations to our joint winners for the month of August. Dot & Joan always participate in our classes showing a great deal of determination and enthusiasm throughout the exercises. They are great fun and they always have a smile on their faces throughout the session . We have been delivering our sessions at Berrycroft Manor for the past 3 years and they have never missed class since we started. Well done to the both of you, keep up the excellent work.